Healing the Inner Child through Art

Golnaz works with clients to create beautiful portraits, including Inner Child portraits. She has a particular ability to see deep into the souls of the people she works with and paints and how their past and life stories shape and mold them into who they are today. It can be a healing process through art. Through her personal deep attention and love pored into the portraits.The Inner Child modern portrait commissions are spiritual art. For the Inner Child portrait commissions, Golnaz studies photographs from her clients’ childhoods to look deeply and intensely at each line, each mark, for hints towards what is not always obvious to the naked eye and to find and paint the hidden story. Working this way, and by asking them to share their fascinating life stories, allows Golnaz a true insight into the inner life of the adults she knows and sees today. This holistic process, healing through art, with an intense focus on the inner child and life story, creates an energy and connection which feeds into her paintings – some with sad, traumatic childhoods, others sweet and happy, but both equally intriguing. Please read the testimonials as examples of the cathartic experience of the people Golnaz has worked with. Some have a direct and immediate emotional experience upon seeing their own Inner Child. It is like holding a mirror of an inner self to the people she paints. For others the psychological relief is more subtle developing over time. 

Siblings, parents, and in particular the mother/child relationship are interweaving stories Golnaz tells through her portrait commissions. It is an invitation to the viewer to look at the shadow but also the light shining through the soul and to observe transformation and healing through art, and through all the nuances and her rich use of color.

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