How to commission portrait painting:

“Commissioning portrait painting in London, United Kingdom”

Golnaz is a portrait painter based in Knightsbridge, London (UK). She loves working with private clients on commissions for children and family portraits. She particularly enjoys studying mother/child, father/child relationships and family dynamics between parents and their children and between siblings. The process of commissioning a portrait starts with meeting (in person if possible) and discussing the general mood and theme of what her clients are looking for and to gain a general feel for the characters.  It is typically not required to sit for the portraits. The paintings are based on a careful selection of photographs.

The process of commissioning a portrait typically does not take longer than three months. Golnaz can work within a shorter time frame. Please contact her on golnaz.jebelli@gmail.com to discuss personal requirements and pricing.


How to commission Interior/Office Painting

“Commissioning interior art in London, UK”

Golnaz regularly receives commissions for interior and abstract work. These are generally based on a specific mood and theme desired for the space.

The process of commissioning an abstract painting typically does not take longer than three months. Golnaz can work within a shorter time frame. Please contact her on golnaz.jebelli@gmail.com to discuss personal requirements and pricing.

For enquiries about prices and commissions please use above email address. 


The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him” Carl Jung


Sample Commissions


“It has been fascinating to see how Golnaz has revealed something new through her work from an old photograph. Her fresh perspective and deft ability to go beneath the immediate surface of the subject matter is impressive. Her  sensitive, honest and open approach is reflected by the results”.

~ Jules x

“Golnaz is a beautiful and powerful source of light and inspiration. Her artwork is a true expression of all that she is. Through her work, Golnaz reaches across borders, barriers and limitations and goes straight to the heart. She carries an ancient and indigenous wisdom beyond her years. Using her skill set as an artist, she is able to project that inner wisdom onto the canvas and bring to life images that are fully alive, uplifting and healing.”

~ Ellie

“I find Golnaz’s art extremely beautiful and somewhat mysterious. There are hidden messages if you pay attention to the details. It’s both a powerful and spiritual storytelling on a canvas.”

~ Mahsa

“Now as for the painting, I will say this: The whole exercise was an interesting meditation on personal identity.  First, to go back through those old photos where I don't have any particular any memories for taking that photo much less what was happening that day, how I was feeling, what I was thinking.  So mentally, it seems so far away and hazy, no real feeling of connection.  And physically, not even one cell from my eight year old body persists to today.  Nonetheless, there is that sense that "that is me" and "those are my parents".  That I cannot deny, but when looking deeper there is nothing solid to find.  As for seeing the finished product, one thing that came to me is to think of you, the artist, putting all that time and energy in the work.  I don't think anyone has put that much time into creating something for me.  Thinking about that was humbling.  But then I thought perhaps it's not accurate to say you created that "for me".  Artists probably have many motivations operating on different levels.  Maybe the art is done for everyone who is to see work, and in this case I am just one of the many who will see the work.  Maybe it is for the artist to express something through her art, in which case, whether the subject is a bowl of fruit on a table, a seascape or a sunset, it is incidental.  Or maybe in taking human subjects, it allows the artist to express something about how she sees the world and the people who inhabit it.  There probably is something else in the artist's motivation, totally inscrutable to those who view the finished canvas.  In any case, thanks for putting all this work into something "for me" and also making me feel no more special thana bowl of fruit.  Both thoughts are useful for me.”

~ Namjong

“It is truly an emotional experience looking at a portrait of oneself. Golnaz has perfectly captures the 5 yr old me with my brother. Wearing my favourite dress my Nana made for me you can see totally the little girl who loves to daydream and shut out the noisy and some times scary world around her. Golnaz is a wonderful artist who not only paints your outer body but selves deeply into your soul within. Thank you Golnaz for your wonderful painting which will constantly remind me of the child within ♥️

~ Alyson

“I always saw the loving person you are with pride and seeing this shining through your brushstrokes with such authenticity fills my whole being with eternal love. Its heartwarming to see you grow from a little girl to a powerful kind loving woman sharing your journey through colours of our dreams becoming reality and taking us deep into our soul.

"My brother was born and in this picture we are in my room and i am sitting next to him. My memories are really about this care for him, now seeing him grow into a man but he will always be that younger brother that is also seeking my help and guidance and that deep bond that only siblings can have."    

- Marika

"A wounded soul who learned to understand how to become a mother and human being in this lifetime".

- Ineke Machdi

"This portrait comes from a photo of when I was almost 3 years old at Disney World. It was a tine of lots of first - first time away from home, first airplane ride, first rollercoaster... and of course first robot. The sense of sheer wonder and joy I could feel at that age. It's something so pure. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take the robot home".

- John

"My mum believes in Taghdir “fate”and what the universe has planned for our lives. I do like that belief, but have my doubts. But when it comes to how my path crossed Golnaz’s and how I opened up to her about my childhood, there is nothing but taghdir to thank for. When she suggested to draw a picture of my childhood, and how she connected with her own inner child. I wasn’t sure what it really means, but being where I was I knew I need all the help I can get to get in peace with my childhood. The day I went to her place to see my painting- my painting was right in front of the door- I was looking around and was noticing all the paintings except mine. Then I saw it and my body burst with the most unfamiliar and familiar feelings, emotions, senses that were locked deep down for so long. I loved it, I loved the girl in the picture and I loved even more the little girl behind me. She was there staring at me with her genuine but sad eyes. The girl that I have been angry and disappointed with most of my life. The little girl that I cant offer my love or forgiveness. But she was just a little girl who was desperate for love as much as I was. She was lacking her dad’s love as much as I lacked my sister’s. I love my painting, I love it.  I don’t know how Golnaz does it, but she passes her incredible energy via her paintings.  I am hoping the picture and it’s  constant image in my head helps me with my journey of life and finding love for both those little girls..."


"One of the most talented and tranquil artists, who openly welcomes ideas and suggestions to her painting. A true gem!"

- Brenda

“Getting to know Golnaz as a person and artist has been such a wonderful experience. How she sees life and brings this into her art is exceptional. The way she captured my daughter into her painting, was beyond my expectations. Not only on the outside, but also touching her inside, her innerchild. Looking at the painting, I see my loving little girl, and her “older soul within”. It makes my heart light up, when I look at it. Its so beautiful, magical and mesmerising.”  

- Melanie